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Business Model Strategy

In today’s fastrack world, the organization are moving and innovating regularly, as per latest trends and technologies. Our Consultants collaborates with the clients and explain them all the process and strategies of business transformation. We transform business dimensions through these strategical approaches.We manage all BusinessIT alignment, technology, operations, governance and processes; simultaneously we also took care of End-to-state definition, which includes portfolio, infrastructure, architecture, strategic sourcing and staffing models. 

We provide following strategical services: 

  • Digital Strategy and Innovation
  • Business and IT Strategy Alignment
  • Cost-benefit Analysis
  • Application Portfolio Rationalization
  • IT Application
  • Global Sourcing Transformation
  • IT Organization & Operating Model
  • Corporate Portfolio Strategy
  • Strategic Planning Capability
  • Strategic Direction & Investment Strategy 

We set up a quantitative baseline to identify the efficiency and usefulness of the application, and simultaneously tracking the changes in the application. Our expert helps in analyzing the most beneficial options for outsourcing. We develop analytical models for application development and management, IT infrastructure services, ERP and business processes. Our strategies will be less costly, which will lead to IT Cost Optimization.We overlook the business growing dimensions, and put the same to the L1 managers of the company to attain the business objectives on demand. We provide our best-to-best services to the clients, along with controlling risk factors and increasing performance. 

In this fast-paced environment, organizations are looking toward a rapid makeover in their conventional business operations. Additionally, this may be of critical importance so as to position them more ardently in the market and to lower their operational cost for a more resilient business model. However, transformation of any business model, from its inception, requires novel strategies and advanced technological application. This is where we come into play. 

MavensTCL operates on a broader aspect of the corporate strategy. We initiate any potential transformation by integrating robust IT solutions ad novel technologies so as to make sure the desired transition is achieved. Moreover, in order to address the challenges associated with increased shelf-life, reduced cost, and associated variability in the efficiency, we tend to maximize the output with our custom-based, market-enabled business model. 

Our Solutions

Specified Model Transformation

MavensTCL enables organizations to acquire a competitive edge by implementing IT enabled solutions to manage the hectic tasks associated with model operation capability, efficiency, and mode of operation. We also ensure short-term and long-term efficacy of the business model so as to make sure the transitioned element is functional over a span of time. 

Digitalization and Optimization

With our deep-industry expertise, we tend to maximize the output by reducing the hassle associated with raw data processing, management, and implementation. Digitalization not only saves time but also enables quick and efficient transformation of the in-house procedures to application-based products in the field. 

IT based Cost Effectiveness

Organizations tend to make lofty decisions so as to bring about an apparent change in their conventional practices. However, at most of the times, due to lack of cost transparency, these decisions turn out to be on the contrary. Our informed cost effective strategies help you in identifying these cost-related loop holes. Additionally, you can monitor and channel your model to a more comprehensive and cost-effective model. 

Our Advantage 

MavensTCL has a proven business model transformation outlook toward variety of industries. With our expertise in this precinct, we deliver some of the most appropriate business designs and core strategies to help you channel your business more effectively and efficiently. Additionally, we are stringent on maintaining and enhancing the customer-centric propositions to help organizations build better and long-lasting relationships.

Mavens TCL is Best & Top Software Development & Testing, Digital Marketing, Hosting & Domain Registration, Recruitment & Staffing, Logistics, Import Export, Management & Consulting Company providing services in India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Egypt, Brazil, South Africa, Cyprus, Ireland, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, HongKong, Spain, Italy and Worldwide


Mavens TCL is Best & Top Business Model Strategy Company providing services in India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Egypt, Brazil, South Africa, Cyprus, Ireland, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, HongKong, Spain, Italy and Worldwide