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Affiliate Marketing & Management

Affiliate Marketing/Affiliate Management is a fast-growing, performance-based channel for marketing your business on internet. In an Affiliate Program, you don’t pay for clicks or impressions, you pay for genuine, tracked sales. Thousands of publishers all over the world place your ads on their websites, feature your products, deals and offers, purchase ad placements, write marketing content and find many other ways to promote your business, and you don’t pay unless it converts into a sale or action of your choice. 

MavensTCL is a performance marketing agency. We specialize in Affiliate Program management. We offer a full suite of services, including feed management, search engine marketing, social media and more. Many of our clients have come to trust us as experts in all aspects of online marketing, and rely on us to help them manage many of their marketing needs. All of our clients rely on us to increase their business and brand awareness and we deliver.

Online Advertising :

Our Experts give an enhanced solution to your investment in advertising assuring a high performance of internet marketing and a significantly great Return on Investment (ROI) We provide performance based Solutions to our clients. Our Solutions to clients include:


( Cost Per Acquisition) or (Pay Per Action)

In this Mode of advertising advertiser pays for each specified action. (Sale, Registration, Form Submission, downloads of software’s, apps) linked to Advertisement. We have our special tools to track the actions and conversions and target according to geo specification.


( Cost Per Click) or (Pay Per Click)

In this advertising mode we help drive traffic to websites. Advertiser has two options to choose.

  •  Flat Rate PPC: In this Type of campaigns Advertiser decides how much he could pay for a click.
  •  Bid Based PPC: In this type of campaign advertiser mentions the maximum amount he can pay for a click and we would manage the bid for him as low as possible and compete with other advertisers efficiently.


(Cost per Impression) or (Cost Per Mile)

In this Advertising mode advertiser pays for each impressions or views through search engines, social media etc.


This is a bid based or flat rate campaign too where advertiser pays only for the video ads viewed completely.

  • Contextual Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Blogs
  • Rich Media Ads
  • Social Network Advertising
  • Interstitial Ads
  • Online Classified Advertising
  • Advertising Networks
  • Dynamic Banner Ads
  • Cross Platform Ads
  • Email Marketing 

Our Solution  To Advertisers  :

  • Create a strategy to fit your business needs and industry.
  • Recruit top publishers.
  • Create promotional campaigns including graphic design and ad copy.
  • Communicate your offers and promotions.
  • Provide tools to manage your data feed and make it easier for publishers to feature your products and deals.
  • Bring the backing of a trusted name in the industry that will drive sales to your site. 

Word to Publishers  :

Mavens Soft Labs advertisers are among top programs on all of the major affiliate networks. When you partner with our advertisers, we work closely with you to help you grow your sales. Our publisher partners benefit by working with Mavens Soft Labs, and we will work with you to get you whatever you need to grow your sales based on your needs, including custom offers, the best deals, exclusive coupons, targeted advertising materials and more.  

Our Publishers Receive :

  • Partnerships with top advertisers and programs
  • A dedicated account management staff
  • Exclusive deals and custom offers
  • Constant communication about top deals and program strategies
  • Custom feeds, links and banners

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