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Traditional/Reverse Auction

If you are looking to create an auction site where users can create listings and receive multiple offers, look no further. Creating auction sites, be it traditional auctions or reverse auctions, auction system can provide an unbeatable edge over your competitors. You can now specify the time for completion, expected price range and much more!

Here is what you get when you decide to build your booking site with our Auction System!


  • Advanced search and filter capabilities that makes searching for listings much faster and that much more precise.
  • Online listing creation and management. Now create listings and mention accurate details about your expectation with ease.
  • Get offers. Want to get the best deal for a service that you need? Offers gives you the power to choose from available offers and get the best deal possible!
  • Reverse auctions. Don’t just browse auction sites traditionally. Provide a new interface to your customers where they are who decide which best offer they want to go with. Just post your requirement and wait for the offers to pour in!
  • Gorgeous look and colour schemes. This extension was created taking into account feedback received by customers who were unhappy with the look and feel of other booking templates. The colour schemes are pleasant and very easy on the eyes.
  • Add specific work type. Segregate the type of work you want to get done with work types. No longer do you need to club gardening requirements with your maintenance requests.
  • Add attachments to give additional information. If you want to share brochures or entertainment information available for your listing so that contractors can provide best offers, you can now attach these in PDF format.
  • Tags supported. Tags help in making your listing more SEO and search friendly. With tag support, you can make sure that none of your contractors and customers miss out on your listing.
  • Ajax driven booking form. Ajax support means compatibility and flexibility. It also means that no matter how big or small your booking portal is, the booking forms will support it nonetheless.
  • Advanced user dashboard to manage listings. Dashboards provide multiple options to the user to manage listings, review offers, and see listing related information in a single glance.


  • Powerful front end administration. Front end is not only intuitive but supports hosts of features such as statistics, intelligent listing management and much more.
  • Detailed statistics. As a customer, you always want to know which listing is the one creating more traffic, and in turn, more sale for you. These statistics let you analyse which the favourite listing and also the most viewed listing is.
  • SEO friendly with rich snippets. Meta descriptions are where you mention a brief summary about what you listing has to offer. This needs to be SEO friendly for search engines to be able to tap into it and put it out there when a customer/contractor searches for similar type of a listing.
  • Create custom fields as per your business needs. No matter how well built your auction portal is, there is always scope for adding personalized or customized additions. This is exactly why our Auction System presents this flexibility directly to the user in the interface. No complex coding required!
  • Cascade categories and address to unlimited levels. You can now display even the smallest detail in an address without worrying about if the system will support it. Cascading categories and addresses that go in unlimited levels means that you can add as much details as required.
  • Multiple layouts to showcase listings. We understand that some customers prefer text rich sites while some image rich. That is exactly why we provide multiple layouts that customers can switch based on their preference.
  • Smart Search integrated. Your customers can now search for multiple combinations and reach to the exact piece of information that they were looking for in your auction site.
  • So don’t wait to create an auction or reverse auction site that stands apart and gives you optimum return on investment. Get started with our auction system now!

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